Restorative Treatment


Restorative Treatment

Tooth decay needs to be treated early even when present in baby teeth. If not, the decay worsens and leads to tooth ache, sleepless nights, poor concentration in school, poor nutrition, and poor growth and development. At Smile Zone Dental Clinic, restorative treatment is accomplished by using either tooth-coloured fillings and/or crowns.

  1. Fillings

    Tooth coloured fillings are made up of a plastic material that restores the shape of the tooth after cleaning out tooth decay. The fillings can last 5-12 years, depending on maintenance of the filling afterwards with proper diet and oral hygiene. If a filling is the treatment indicated, it will be placed after the application of local anaesthesia, placement of a dental dam to protect your child’s airway and removal of tooth decay.

  2. Crowns

    In some cases, the tooth surface may be broken down to an extent that a normal filling will not hold well to the tooth. Crowns are recommended in such instances, and after pulp therapy. The crowns may be either stainless steel crowns or zirconia crowns. The crowns are selected to size and bonded to the tooth.

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