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What Sets Us Apart

First Impressions Matter! Most children’s first experience with a dentist is at a clinic focussed on adult care. This sets them up for a lifetime of anxiety and fear of the dentist because the environment is often intimidating and frightening. When it comes to your child’s health, it is important to keep in mind their specific needs.

Paediatric dentists undergo an additional 2-3 years of training to acquire the necessary skills to handle children’s needs – including pharmaceuticals, paediatric head and neck lesions/diseases, child psychology, behaviour modification, special needs children and medically compromised children.

At Smile Zone Dental Clinic, we create a pleasant experience that sets the foundation for a lifetime of beautiful, bright and healthy smiles. As a specialist paediatric dentist, Dr Carol has years of clinical experience in providing tailored dental care for children and teens with a strong focus on preventive dentistry and patient education.

Your First Dental Visit

The American Academy of Paediatric Dentists recommends that your child should see a paediatric dentist by the age of 1 year or when the first tooth grows into the mouth. This is to set the stage for preventive care and patient education. All children and teens should see their paediatric dentist every 6 months to assess overall oral health and to detect and address problems early. Children or teens with dental problems will need more frequent visits.

The first dental visit will take approx. 45 minutes, during which your child or teen will undergo the following:

  • a risk assessment for oral diseases
  • a comprehensive head and neck examination
  • general dental examination and assessment of soft tissues in the mouth, throat and surrounding structures
  • and if necessary, x-rays and diagnosis of findings.

After the comprehensive examination, Dr Carol will advice you on maintenance of optimal oral health and schedule a session for dental cleaning (or perform it in the same session if possible). Should your child or teen require further treatment, a treatment plan will be created and discussed with the parent. This may include the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or treatment under general anaesthesia.

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